Our lasagna recipe dates back seven generations. Over the years we have perfected the way we prepare, assemble and cook our lasagna. Our process has been finely tuned to deliver what we believe to be the world’s best frozen lasagna.


Over the past 32 years at Carmen’s Banquet Centre, our lasagna has been served to some of the world’s most famous and influential people, including past presidents of the United States Bill Clinton and George Bush, Academy Award winning actors Michael Douglas, Sophia Loren, Al Pacino and Sylvester Stallone. Mama Yolanda’s Lasagna always made the top of their list as their favourite dish... we even got a request from the Godfather himself when he visited Carmen’s in 2010 to send our lasagna to his home in New York (read The Spec article here).


At Mama Yolanda’s we pride ourselves in the pursuit of perfection. With our Gourmet Lasagna we make no exception. Every ingredient we use is of the freshest nature; all our items are finely prepared and perfectly measured to ensure the same great taste every time you enjoy a piece of Mama Yolanda’s Lasagna.



Hamilton, Ontario